Rotschild Zionism Must Return Stolen Land


Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg reports on Bloomberg website that the American Secretary of State warned Netanyahu that without significant progress in the talks, Israel will be boycotted worldwide.



Nostradamus – The Man Who Saw Tomorrow

Nostradamus said that we don’t need to accept the end of the world because WE THE 7 BILLION HUMANITY CAN CHANGE THE TIDE and let ME be the first one!

illegal Israel will fall in 5 years for sure because they are not ‘GOD CHOSEN PEOPLE’!!

Evil Henry Kissinger gave ‘illegal Israel’ ten more years!!



FUCK SATANYAHU Israelis will miss the Opportunity to have A Jewish State of 78%!!


The Conscious World Will Free Palestine

Palestinian president must sue Britain over 1917 Balfour Declaration and support for ‘Israeli crimes’

LOL!!! US officials say ‘Even if Israel doesn’t like it, Palestinians will get state’

We Must get back Golan Heights to Free Palestine!!

The World has the responsibility FREE PALESTINE!!

The Consciousness will rise to save PALESTINE!!

Putin the Great is A GIFT from Almighty God to Free Palestine thus the World

VIVA PALESTINE the World is with you till ETERNITY!!

Down with the Occupation and PALESTINE is the RIGHTFUL NAME, PERIOD!!


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