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6 April 2018


I am very disturbed and troubled after reading the article with the headline, “Saudi prince says Israel has ‘right’ to its land

You said, “I believe the Palestinians and the Israelis have the right to have their own land.”

Firstly, you said illegal israel has the ‘right to its land’, but the land of Palestine does not belong to the evil Zionists in the first place!! Don’t you know that supporting “fake Israel” is against the word and the spirit of a just and loving GOD? A God who is fair and caring for all people?

Please wake up and understand that they are not Jews in the true sense of those people, but are Fake Jews because they hijacked the race of the Jews, a fact well proven and recorded in countless history books. Is this the reason you are speaking on behalf of the evil Zionists? Is it because SAUDI’s HAVE the same ‘FAKE JEW’ BLOOD?!

For this very reason, I went the extra mile to create this special blog in just 3 days and completely on my own! I did that just so that you can have all the materials at your fingertips because if you want to offer your few cents worths of thought on Palestine and the Palestinians’ land, please know the history first! And I have said the same to Donald Trump as well! Please stop reciting uninformed nonsense as if it were the truth, you only assist the evil Zionists in spreading their “alternative truth” in an effort to fool all the ignorant people who will believe what they are told without question!

You said, “But we have to have a peace agreement to assure the stability for everyone and to have normal relations.”

To cut the long story short, Yasser Arafat had taken the WRONG PILL and gave 78% of the land to the thieves, illegal Israel!!! The 1993 Olso Peace Agreement is proof of the agreement and during the 5-year implementation, the American government was to foot the bills for the Palestinians for that 5 year period of implementation. But now it’s almost 25 years and all that the Palestinians have for their generosity is suffering genocide at the hands of the greedy, evil Zionists. Yet the whole world leadership is silent and this is unacceptable to the 7 billion Humanity and for this reason, I am speaking up with might!!

So please don’t give me the CRAP that illegal Israel has the right to exist because they ALREADY HAD the right to exist but only on the 78% that Arafat mistakenly had given to them AND the remaining 22% of the land is the Palestinians’ RIGHT TO EXIST!

Because you said, in the same sentence, that the Palestinians have the right to their own land, then why don’t you tell that bloody evil Satanyahu if he wants the world to officially recognize illegal israel as a state, then they have to accept the Olso Peace Agreement! Why? Because NO ONE CAN GIVE THEM THE RIGHT TO EXIST EXCEPT THE LEGITIMATE OWNER OF THE LAND AND THOSE OWNERS ARE THE PALESTINIANS! TELL SATANYAHU NOT TO LOSE THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY OF A GETTING (or is it STEALING?) 78% OF A JEWISH STATE!!

So to all you bloody, cowardly world leaders who have kept silent while these atrocities have befallen the poor Palestinians at the hands of the evil Zionists, I am telling you to go FUCK OFF! You all have blood on your hands as the whole world sees how many innocent lives were lost in The Great March of Return! How many more deaths will occur before all of you gather your courage and have the strength to BOYCOTT illegal israel?

In my eyes, none of you are fit to be leaders, because instead of standing by President Putin and President Xi to fight the evil Zionists, you all are still hanging onto the evil Zionists balls! AND FOR WHAT?


Sunflower Chong Sun Wah Forever


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Institute for Middle East Understanding ( IMEU ) added a new video: Chris Hayes on Gaza, April 2018.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Israel’s killing of 18 Palestinians and wounding of hundreds in Gaza. Palestinians marched for the return to their homes and land in historic Palestine, a right recognized under UN resolutions. Hayes proclaimed that Israel’s narrative “in no way justifies what Israeli soldiers appear to have done – which is: perch on a hill and pick off protesters with sniper fire.”


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A must watch video by AA from the Great Return March in Gaza.

شبكة قدس الإخبارية‎ added a new video.

مستوطنون يقتحمون المسجد الابراهيمي في مدينة الخليل فجر اليوم ويؤدون طقوسا تلموذية.

Settlers breaking into the mosque in the city of Hebron Dawn today and perform harmful rituals.


‎محبي الطيب أردوغان‎ added a new video.
March 7 at 5:55pm ·
I won’t apologize for the video, because it’s the truth in Palestine!!
And I will not forgive everyone who watched the video and did not say “Suffice God and yes agent They’ve got the video to see the world as Jews.”


Human Rights Defenders تجمع المدافعين عن حقوق الانسان
on Thursday ·
5th of April 2018
Palestine – Hebron

Israeli settlers sabotaging water containers that belong to Palestinian families.
This act came after the settlers took over Al-Zatari house, near the Ibrahimi mosque.
Video credit: Malakeh Qafisheh

Why Did the Israeli Army Seize This Blind Palestinian Bereaved Daughter’s Cash?

Mohmmed Alkurd added 12 photos and a video.
6 hrs ·
Israeli soldiers throw a strange gas at us, causing many young people to suffocate and lose consciousness


We Are Not Numbers added a new video.

Israeli forces are using a type of teargas that causes severe seizures when inhaled, causing violent “shivers.”
Share this video and let the world see it.



-Journalist Yasser Mortaja has been declared dead as a result of his injuries he sustained while covering the #GreatReturnMarch
10 Palestinians have been killed



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