My Letter to OIC Leaders


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11 December 2017

Dear OIC Leaders,

Jerusalem “Al-Quds” is the capital of Palestine. WE USE TO THINK ‘illegal israel’ CONTROLLED PALESTINE BUT NOW WE KNOW PALESTINE IS A SINGLE ARAB COUNTRY’ illegal israel’ CANNOT CONTROL!

Parallel Universes: Vietnam and Palestine                

The Palestinian people are proud people and they have taught us LIFE! From the bottom of my heart, we have to thank ‘Donald Duck’ for giving the world the golden opportunities for us to stand by the Palestinians as One People and One World.

Thank you, President Trump, you have finally ended US double-speak on Middle East ‘peace’

Now spiritually PALESTINE is free  and trusts me very soon PALESTINE WILL BE FREE PHYSICALLY WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD WILL COME TOGETHER TO BOYCOTT ‘illegal isreal’ just like how the world had free South Africa!

My name is Sunflower Chong Sun Wah and allow me to share my letter to President Putin after President Trump had proclaimed Jerusalem as the Capital of ‘illegal israel’.

9 December 2017      

Dear President Putin,

I read on Facebook everyone wanted President Putin to be the mediator because we know you will be a fair one like what you have achieved in Syria. The world has invested so much time in the Israelis & Palestinians….and I Chong Sun Wah my personal life and we should not waste any more precious time instead put a FULL STOP once and for all!

Therefore, we hope you can convince Satanyahu to implement the Oslo Peace Agreement because it’s long overdue and if he still doesn’t agree then NO MORE ISRAEL and PALESTINE WILL BE A ONE DEMOCRATIC STATE minus the evil Zionists and THE WORLD CAN LOCK THEM ALL UP IN GUANTANAMO PRISON!!

Love you very much and forever,


In this video ENG SUBS] Shaheed Mutahhari I Historic Speech on Palestine, Iman Shaheed Mutahari said, “What did you do with regards to Israel?” The Prophet said, “Whoever hears a Muslim calling upon for the Islamic Ummah for help and does not respond, he/she is not a Muslim.”

I’m a Muslim in 1996 and here is my story – My Journey was never about Palestine Here is the link for you to understand why I defy evil Zionists.

This is Satanyahu 7 demand, Israel sets obstacles to negotiations and declares seven new conditions for negotiations with the Palestinians

I am not born yesterday, I will be 63 years old on 20th January 2018, since when ‘Thieves’ got the right to make the demand? I hope all of you are on the same page with me because if we are WE CAN ASK SATANYAHU TO FUCK OFF! He can dream on to believe he is in command.

For your knowledge Cern will be ready in 2018 to usher Satan which is the evil Zionists ‘god’ to earth this is why the evil Zionists have to use whatever tactic they can to claim Jerusalem if not they cannot build their 3rd Temple and if the temple is not built the so-called ‘god’ cannot come to Earth because he needs to sit in his Throne!

In short, stolen land must be returned to the rightful owner and that is the Palestinian people. The Palestinians had been generous and had given 78% of their land by signing the 1993 Oslo Accords peace agreement with Rabin and it was supposed to take 5 years to complete the implementation. But after close to 25 years it is still not implemented instead of the evil Zionists genocide the people in Gaza and steal more land in the West Bank and now declare to the world Jerusalem is their capital which means there will never be a state for the Palestinians who are the owners of their land. If you have a mind and a sane one with a conscience you will not allow this to happen.

As we all know ‘illegal israel’ got away with SS Liberty terrorist act they did 9/11 and got away with that too… so are we going to let them have their way again at the expanse of the poor Palestinians? So when is the world going to make the right decision for the sake of the world at large?

I am writing to all of you with great anticipation and HOPE that you can have the courage to stand up to the evil Zionists once and for all as a community because they can’t KILL us ALL because we are 7 billion of us! Look at the courage of these leaders to take back control of their own destiny!

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Pentagon Warns Netanyahu: Israel Will Not Be Rothschild’s Greater Khazarian Empire!

May ALLAH guides all of you to make the right decision not only for the Palestinian people but the world as well! We need to use our time in a more productive manner like helping those that are left behind due to the so-called progress which hard tear the world apart:(


Love, light, peace, harmony, and unity,

Sunflower Chong


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