illegal israel will be Palestine


Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg reports on Bloomberg website that the American Secretary of State warned Netanyahu that without significant progress in the talks, Israel will be boycotted worldwide.



Why the West set out to destroy Race & Culture?

‘illegal israel’ is the World Greatest Enemy

‘illegal israel‘ is stolen land so how can it be a Jewish State?

Utter Rubbish, Dream On you evil Rotschild Zionism to own Palestine!!

The Whole World Stands by Palestine and will ‘Fuck illegal israel!!

Fuck You War Monger LIEBERMAN illegal israel will be Palestine very soon!!

Jeremy Hammond – Defeat the Zionists

The demise of ‘illegal Israel’ is in the hand of Satanyahu!

The Demise of ‘illegal israel’ is UNSTOPPABLE!!

There is NO ‘so-called israel’ except PALESTINE!

You Evil Zionists must not take America and the World for GRANTED!

‘Jewish state’ bill Spelt the End of ‘illegal israel’!

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